Cooling towers can be classified in various ways. One of the basic distinctions between them has to do with the direction of the air flow through the fill inside the cooling tower, when the air flow through the fill is vertical (90⁰) to the water flow, the tower is a crossflow tower.

In crossflow cooling towers, the water flows freely into the distribution basin (hot water basin) located in the upper part of the tower. At the bottom of the distribution basin are holes wherein nozzles are installed that distribute the water onto the fill located beneath them. The water flows onto the fill and is cooled by the surrounding air, which is forced by the fan into the tower itself. The air, as aforementioned, flows horizontally, perpendicular to the cooled water. The fill type, its depth, and its height determine the degree to which the water is cooled.

The fan in the crossflow tower can be of forced type (located on the side of the tower) or induced type (located atop the tower). The tower can operate with a single distribution basin, called a single-side tower; or two distribution basins with an inducing fan between them, called a dual-side tower.

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Which Cooling Tower should you choose?

The type of cooling tower you choose will depend entirely on the industry and the application. What works for one company may not be effective for another. Another factor that is taken into consideration is the typical climate on your site.

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