We are engaged in offering a huge gamut of PVC Fills. Our standard fill is constructed of a honeycombed PVC film. This honeycomb construction ensures even water distribution and high efficiency water to air heat transfer. The PVC fill shall withstand a maximum inlet water temperature of 55°C.
Cooling Tower PVC Fills Honeycomb Shape :Biological Treatment of waste water has undergone a paradigm change with the advent of high efficiency plastic media. Working on the Principle of the higher surface area within the given volume. Plastic media such as indomax cooling tower bio media have result in highly efficient and compact treatment systems both aerobic and anaerobic. The structured media aids uniform growth of biological film on media surface. Microorganism growth on the media converts the organic waste into a ‘removable’ in organic biomass.
Indomax cooling tower is manufactured from rigid nonflammable ultraviolet (UV) stabilized PVC sheet. They are resistant to bacteria, acids, alkalis, fungi and chemicals that are presents in waste water. The modules (packs) have folded edges at the top and bottom that provide critical strength at load bearing areas thus giving resistance to mechanical damage and erosion. Indomax cooling tower provides a consistent distribution of air and water throughout the media, thereby enhancing contact between the effluent and the bio film.
Manufactured by continuous forming under controlled environment the excellent PVC fills sheet have uniform thickness. The media is available in a number of different size and configurations, the choice of which depends upon a number of factors including type of effluent, industry and treatment process as an required.

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