Fan cylinders are crucial components for protecting fan blades, minimizing sound and vibration, and facilitating optimal fan performance across all cooling tower applications. Fabricated of fiberglass composite, indomax’s rigid cylinders withstand wind loads, as well as extreme temperature and humidity conditions faced inside and outside of the tower. They also support safe work practices by protecting maintenance personnel from fans in operation.
To effectively safeguard your cooling tower and avoid the deflection of the rotating fan’s blade tips, indomax cylinders are specified by cooling tower type and size.

Eased inlet fan cylinders facilitate full area, low-turbulent airflow through the cylinder, enabling the cooling tower fan to circulate the maximum amount of air at the minimum required horsepower.

Fan cylinders dramatically improve velocity recovery by slightly lessening the impact of the pressure asserted by accelerating blades. It is achieved by gradually increasing the diameter of the fan cylinder, which reduces throughput velocity, unnecessary work by the fan and exiting energy into the air stream.

Access hatches and doors allow simple inspections of mechanical equipment.

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